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I love this snow. I love, love, love, love, love it! I wanted just one good snow this season… to feel snowed in, snuggled in, and cozy.

My to do list is vastly bare compared to the rush of the fall and early winter. I’m even reading a novel…not a how-to book on business, photography, etc. I’m reading those, too, but the novel is a relaxing change of pace.

As the snow flurries to the ground outside my window, I’m writing some goals for the year. I can’t share them all as of yet, but working on some new adventures.

One of my photography goals is carried over from 2014. My brother in law was a talented film photographer. He sold most of his equipment a while back, but during a visit last year he gifted me one of his old film cameras. I shot two rolls of film last summer. Just two. I was hoping to do more, but life didn’t allow the time to play. These are some of my favorites from those rolls. Many of them grace the wall in my office. My hope is that in 2015 I will have some more time to “play” with film. At some point, I’d love to incorporate film into my wedding photography.

There’s just something about it that draws me in…

Enjoy the snow today, my friends! Spring can come tomorrow. 🙂

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